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  • No.: 202202-0186
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  • Brand: HONDEX
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- The Hondex HE-773II-DI sonar was designed to meet the needs of inshore fishing vessels who require a cost-effective, comprehensive sonar solution that is available with a choice of either manual or automatic hoist.

- The compact sonar features three operational modes – Sonar, Bottom Sonar and traditional Echosounder, and users will find that the 290kHz frequency provides higher resolution images for fish and bottom detection, whilst not interfering with the traditionally popular mackerel frequency of 200kHz.

- Sonar Mode. 

- Selectable detection range (scanning sector) to cover narrow to whole circle. It is also possible to select 4-Display Mode and Off-Centre Mode.

- Bottom Sonar Mode.

- Sea floor condition or fish school are easily detected and shown as a cross section view by rotating the transducer.

- Echosounder Mode.


- 10.4" Colour TFT LCD Display.

- 640 x 480 Pixel resolution.

- 11-35v DC Operating Voltage.

- 36W Power Consumption.

- Display Modes: Sonar Mode (Off-Centre Mode/4 Display Mode), Bottom Sonar Mode (4-Display Mode), Sounder Mode.

- Transducer Hull Unit: Manual or Automatic (12 or 24v available).

- Output Power: 1kW.

- Frequency: 290kHz.

- Operating Range: 0 to 300m.

- Sonar Mode Tilt Range 0° to 90° (1° step).

- Bottom Sonar Mode Beam Angle 30°/60°/90°/120°.

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