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MMSI Code Issuance Service

MECOM provides new services of MMSI code, train station license

The service of setting up maritime mobile service identification code (MMSI) is a service of providing and installing maritime mobile service identification code information for vehicles operating at sea/river.

What is the MMSI code?

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a 9-digit sequence of natural numbers specified by the ITU: MIDxxxxxx, where MID is the maritime identification number assigned to each country. . Vietnam's MID is 574.

Vehicles operating at sea/river must be equipped with appropriate radio equipment and must have the MMSI code installed on such radio equipment.

Only one MMSI code is assigned to each vessel. 

How does MMSI code work?

The MMSI allows the operator to make an automatic call over the VHF DSC while the identification code is also automatically transmitted with the DSC call.

Note: DSC (Digital Selective Calling) is dialing.

The MMSI number is issued by the competent authority of the country where the ship is registered, this number can also help us to trace information about the ship, owner and other information, each ship has only a unique MMSI number. In addition, Coastal Radio Stations (CRSs) also have their own MMSI numbers because these stations can also make and receive VHF DSC calls.

Before a VHF DSC device begins to be used on board a ship, the following procedures must be performed:

- If the vessel already has an MMSI number, the new equipment must be reprogrammed by an authorized supplier to include the old MMSI number in the new equipment.

- If the ship does not have an MMSI number, the owner must register the use of the MMSI with the competent authority, and once the approval has been issued, it must be programmed into the device by an authorized supplier.