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- Ability to record 240 seconds of dialogue.

- The screen can clearly show day and night.

- Large 6W speaker power for excellent sound quality.

- Friendly communication menu.

- Unique telex function control software.

- Multi-function controller.

- There are many types of power for customers to choose such as 150W-250W-500W.


- Operation mode: Single-duplex & half-duplex SSB and DSC voice, receive TELEX messages on AM band.

- Operating temperature: -15°C to +50°C.

- Power supply: +Nominal voltage 24 VDC nominal ;

   +T&T with dedicated power supply (optional): 115/230V AC 50/60 Hz;

    + Automatic instantaneous power switching to DC when there is no AC power;

- Power consumption: +Rx, 60W (at 24V DC voltage) 150W 250W;

   + Tx, SSB voice: 175W 300W; Tx, 2-tone SSB: 300W 550W;

   +Tx, DSC/TELEX: 420W 600W; Compliant with ETSI 300-373 or higher.

- Number of programmable channels: 199 frequency pairs with mode (1-199).

- Number of programmable stations: 40 stations with name information, MMSI number and communication channel.

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