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- Fully meets IMO standards MSC.163 (78), IEC 61996-2, IEC 60945, IEC 61162 and other international standards.
- Development and production of COSPAS-SARSAT regulation.
- Advanced GPS engine provides faster location (LAT/LON) and accurate information.
- Easy and stable installation, reliable design.
- Operation and alarm information are displayed in the LCD screen of the remote control units.
- Minimum cost to choose different options based on the type of vessel used.
- Ultimate record protection from UV rays, salt, other contaminated source water (including automatic release case)


Main Connector:
- Save cycle data: 12 hours (24 hours changed by memory).
- Serial input: RS422 interface, 6 connection channels (24 channels optional).
- Audio input: 6-channel microphone, 2-channel VHF.
- Video input: Two radar signals
- Serial Port: 1 channel (connect to computer)
Remote indicator:
- Audio/display alarm, audible alarm for 2 minutes.
- The device must communicate and the operating status is displayed in the LCD repeater.
- Self-test and alarm lights are displayed by buttons, lights.
- AC 110/220V 50/60Hz, DC 24V
- Rechargeable available emergency power work more than 2 hours while main power source is not available.
Record the final average: 
- Advanced GPS device provides faster location (LAT/LON) and more accurate information.
- Developed and manufactured according to COSPAS-SARSAT regulations.
- Enhanced performance internal battery can operate over 168 hours (7 days) over specified.
The data storage unit works under the conditions,
- Shock: 50g for 11ms according to IEC 60068-2-27.
- Refrigeration: 10 hours at 2600C, 1 hour at 1.1000C according to ED56A.
- Deep water pressure: 30 days at 60mpa (6,000 meters depth) by ED56A.
Microphone Unit: 
- Self-test function
- For internal and external braided microphones use waterproof material (protection against water jets).
Playback software: 
- Test S-VDR record operating status (Radar, Microphone, VHF, GPS, tachometer, Electric Compass signal . . . . .)

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