Thứ tư, 15/09/2021, 11:08 GMT+7
On May 10, 2017 at Quy Nhon Royal Resort - Binh Dinh, Marine Equipment Joint Stock Company - MECOM held a Workshop to introduce the Canada-made 360-degree MAQ Capture Detector.
The 360-degree MAQ detector is the only machine with built-in 03 vertical beam opening angles of 5 degrees, 10 degrees, and 20 degrees. This is very important in fish detection because the 5 degree beam opening angle can transmit signals far, close to the water surface or in shallow water, while the 10 degree beam vertical angle and 20 degree beam angle can be scanned. wide and deep signal to meet the fishing requirements in many different fishing grounds.
Conventional transverse detectors in common use today can only see one direction at a time, and it takes a while to make a full turn around the ship. Therefore, when the fishing vessel moves, it is likely to miss the signal of the fish, affecting the fishing efficiency. But with the ability to scan 360 degrees at the same time, the MAQ can detect fish signals more thoroughly, increasing the chances of detecting fish during the fishing process. Another outstanding feature of the MAQ Camera is that the machine has the ability to change the frequency in the range that allows it to adjust to avoid interference between the detectors and between the detector and the machines operating on the camera. same fishing grounds. This is also an outstanding feature of the MAQ compared to other existing capture detectors.
In addition, the MAQ camera is a specialized machine designed according to modern technology, meeting the standards of Europe and America, very suitable for the waters of Vietnam. The machine has the feature of automatically calculating & predicting the weight of the fish along with 16 settings that allow the user to pre-set parameters for easy use & quick support in the process of catching ensuring for fishermen. detect the signal of the fish school in the fastest way and automatically track the target to avoid missing any signal.
With the modern MAQ machine provided by MECOM, fishermen will have the most modern support tools in fishing and bumper return trips. A representative of Mecom also said that the unit also regularly organizes seminars to provide technical guidance and answer questions from fishermen in the process of using MAQ cameras to improve productivity and efficiency. use.
According to statistics, Binh Dinh currently has about 400 ships equipped with horizontal detectors. Of which, there are about 35 ships equipped with modern horizontal detectors (360-degree capture detector).
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